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5 Small Diet Addons for a Big Impact

19 Nov

Yes you have been spending a lot of time at the gym doing the best you can to burn fat and gain muscles and also maintain the best diet but what if I told you adding certain foods to your diet can take your results up a notch and help you reach your goals quicker and the good news here is that it is all vegan. So here are 5 foods you need to add to your diet today itself.


Did you know that the grapefruit you have been leaving out all this while actually supports weight loss? Not only are grapefruits low in calories they also provide other benefits such maintaining your blood sugar levels etc.

Not in the mood eat grapefruit for breakfast today? How about just grab onto a glass of grapefruit juice today. Add a grapefruit or its juice to your diet today and see your weight loss results spike up.

Coconut oil

When it comes to weight loss or muscle gain we pretty much chalk out almost all oil related stuff there is but believe it or not coconut oil actually helps with weight loss. Not that I would advise you a whole lot of it but in the right amounts it definitely does help.

This is because coconut oil has the ability to increase your good cholesterol level due to the presence of lauric acid in it. Apart from that it also keeps away infections and lower cancer risk.

Green Tea

This is probably one drink you have come across more often or not and guess what it is sort of a weight loss trend these days. Yes green tea has its benefits and yes it also burns fat but do start drinking it every hour.

Green tea too like grapefruit helps you maintain the right sugar levels in the body and since it helps with better fat burning you also stay energised for the rest of the day.



Ginger is probably not something that we relate a lot to when talking about weight loss and muscle gain but that is only because most of do not know beneficial it actually is. Not only does it lower bad cholesterol in the body it also lower the risk of a heart problems.

It also reduces glucose levels which ideal for diabetics but no ginger is not a replacement for your meds so avoid. Another reason you will love ginger is because it lowers soreness and muscle ache you feel after working out.



Want to better your salads? Adding some quinoa to it is exactly what you need to do. Quinoa is packed with manganese, folate, phosphorus, fiber and magnesium and best of all it is gluten free.

Magnesium in quinoa will lower cramps and pain.

Cook it right and more importantly pronounce it right and you will have a power packed breakfast.