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How to Prep for Competitive Running

19 Nov

When I ran my first race it was horrible. Not only was I very slow but once the race ended I had so much pain that I almost decided to give it up but yes once the pain subsided  I realized I was only over reacting and that with little changes to my running technique not only will I get faster but also better. Are you too looking for the same thing? Here are some tips that helped me out.

Practice and more practice

Now whether you are running, or playing baseball or even cooking what you need to do in order to get better is practice it more often. For running what you need to practice is obvious. It is your from and technique.

Form matters the most since it is was keeps away injuries and helps you run better. Make sure your feet are parallel and you are not lifting your arms too high. Key is to run right even if you have to initially run slow.

Run barefoot

I an age where running shoes just get better and better and more technologically advanced this might seem like a crazy idea but trust me it helps. It worked for me and to believe the only way is to actually try it.


Running barefoot actually will help you run faster and while you might be worried about your feet they actually land quite softly on the ground plus you do not always have to run barefoot. Just do it once or twice a week. However, I’d recommend you a pair of Asic’s Gel Noosa Tri Series for your daily runs.

Move forward with your center

Do you know where your center of gravity lies? It is around your lower abdominal just a couple of inches down the navel. Now to run faster you need to push your center ahead and let the remainder of the body go with it.

Make sure the remainder of the body is always behind it. This is a much better and efficient way of running forward rather than pushing your chest out and leaving forward.

Extend your step at the back

To run fast what we often do is increase our stride forward but have you ever tried increasing it at the back? Well actually that is the right way to do it because when you do it forward you actually only slow down.

This may not sound very simple but it actually is. Push the ground backwards with more intensity and give your body a forward boost.

Run on the hills


To improve you have to challenge yourself and if you have ever run on a hill then you know how tough that actually is and on the hill you will find it very hard step ahead of your center which in turn will help you better your technique. However, make sure you have the right pair of shoes for trail running. Apart from that running on hills will make running on roads ever so easier.