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5 Workout Mistakes that Beginners Make but You Don’t Have to!

1 Dec

So why have you decided to pay the high gym fees finally? My guess is to lose weight and gain some muscles? Well your intentions are good but there is a good chance you are making few mistakes messing your entire workout routine and muscle gain plans especially if you are new to the gym.

Wondering what you could be doing wrong? Well here are a few mistakes I made initially that you must avoid.

Beginner’s Skip their Workouts!

Did someone tell you this was going to be easy? I hope not because trust me it is not. Yes the initial week will be tough in fact very tough and might actually lead to you skipping out on your gym days more often than not.

Now while it does not seem a huge deal it really is and only makes getting back to it even harder. It only pushes you back so stop missing out on them and get moving.

Beginner’s do not workout with a full range of motion

When you do a specific workout the goal is to engage every muscle fiber there is and if you actually manage that then you ensure maximum muscle growth. This not easy and requires proper technique and practice.

Make sure you engage ever possible muscle fiber is every rep of perform. This will ensure there is greater metabolic pressure on the muscles and more micro tears which in turn improves muscle growth. I would argue that rowing is a great way to get a Concept2 Model D, it can be a little expensive but it’s absolutely worth it’s price.

They Do Not eat Enough Proteins

Ever gave a thought as what makes your muscles? If not it is water and yes you guessed it right proteins so if you are not eating sufficient proteins daily well then there is no chance your muscles will get better and bigger.

So how much protein is good? My suggestion would be your take 1g for every pound. For your protein intake eat more of foods such chicken, fish and yes eggs.

They do Not stick to a Single Workout Routine

While change is good and yes keeps things interesting your workout routine is not something you should be changing too often. Your effectiveness of your workout routine depends on your consistency.

So make sure you not mixing it up too much. Yes you need to increase weights, workout longer but that all needs to happen gradually and should be part of a long term process.

They don’t Life Heavy!


While changing your workout routine too much is bad not changing it at all may just lead you into a rut which too is equally bad. Your workout routines have to be intense only then will you be making the most of it.

Do not try to make up for your low intensity workout by increasing the number of reps or sets it hardly works. Maintain a proper intensity and then slowly add on some more volume to your routine.