About Us

You’re built to run, jump and swim. AiyaFitness is a site that helps you do just that.

We’re a group of  nerds turned fitness junkies that have sworn to turn you from a computer snob to an adrenaline machine.

At AiyaFitness, we like to share everything you need to know about working out, the right nutrition and sometimes a bunch of transformation stories to keep you pumped up for your next workout.

No matter what your goal is, from loading 20 lbs of muscle in 3 months to losing 20 lbs in a one, we’ve got actionable advice for everyone. However, actionable advice is just half the battle, you’ll have to back it up with daily, consistent action.

Some articles to get started:

  1. For Gym Beginners : Common Workout Mistakes to Avoid
  2. For Budding Runners : How to Prep for Competitive Running
  3. Diet Advice : 5 Small Diet Addons for a Big Impact

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