3 Easy Steps to a Leaner, Stronger You!

25 Nov

Healthy habits are a lifestyle which kind of does take a huge hit each time our schedule becomes a little busier. Nor do we find enough time to go the gym and when it comes to food we just want to grab on to anything we can find most often unhealthy fast foods.  Losing weight even when not going to the gym is not easy but not impossible either and here are a few tip to help you with it.

Now however odd and strange as this might seem research has shown that having blue colour dishes make feel less hungry which in turn actually helps with weight loss. Blue colour has been known as a hunger suppressant. Wonder why?

This is because of the lack of contrast when compared to some of the food colours. So throw away your white plates and get some blue coloured plates and dishes for your dinner tomorrow.

Stop Skipping Snacks

Thinking of leaving out snack time today to lose weight faster?

Well that might not be a very good idea since it make reduce your metabolism functioning. Avoid giving up meals and then ending up eating a bucket load at dinner.

This will only lead to health issues such as rise in blood sugar levels etc. Eat less and eat 4-5 times a day and stop skipping out on your meals especially your breakfast.

Stock up on the Healthy Stuff!

The next time you are at the grocery store do not just run and grab onto everything you love and get out instead first and foremost just go around the store and check out what all is available. This will also give you a clear idea of what is where.

Apart from that it will also help you resist the temptation to run off and get your favourite chips or cookies etc. and rather fill up your basket with some healthy nutritious foods.


No I do not mean you fill it up with cold drinks and everything you probably have been advised to keep out rather stock up your fridge with some fresh fruits and green veggies for your daily salad. Keep your freezer stocked up with berries other stuff like chicken, fish etc. if you are not a vegan.

Healthy food won’t always blow out your budget as long as you are smart plus when you have healthy food right inside your house why even go out right?

Have 30 grams of Protein in 30 Minutes of Waking up!

The concept that’s been popularised by Tim ferris’ four hour body. It works like charm!

I probably cannot stress this enough but if you have been leaving out breakfast and thinking you can stuff up later at night well then you have only yourself to blame for 2 pounds you have gained this month.

Switch to protein rich diet. Your breakfast does not have any kind of impact on your lunch or breakfast so leaving it out makes no sense at all.


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