5 Nutrients We Love (And You Should, Too!)

19 Nov

According to reports by SAD (Standard American Diet) people in America over the years have switched from healthy home cooked foods to unhealthy fast foods that contain loads of processed carbs and refined sugars.

This has led to a lot of health issues that are mainly caused due to lack of certain nutrients in the body. Making these nutrients a part of your diet will improve your overall health, digestion, your workout results etc. So here is what you are missing out on and its best sources.


Wondering what nutrient keeps your heart beating? Well yes it is potassium. Not only this it also will lower your BP and reduce the chances of you ending up with osteoporosis. It also is great to fight of diabetes and other heart related issues.

Lack of potassium is often the cause for muscle cramps, tiredness and constipation. For my daily dose of potassium I prefer bananas. Other good sources are baked potatoes with skin and also spinach.


Did you know there are 2 types of fibers? Soluble and insoluble and both play different roles in the body. Soluble fiber can help your body fight of heart related issues. It also keeps your arteries up and running and is ideal for diabetics. Its best sources are oats, lentils, beans etc.11 Sep 2007, Garnerville, New York, USA --- Assortment of High Fiber Foods --- Image by © Envision/Corbis

For insoluble fiber which actually eases your digestive system I would suggest you consume more of brown rice, legumes, whole wheat products etc.



This is one nutrient that needs no introduction. We all know calcium has a direct connection with the health of our bones but did you know it also helps with nerve transmissions and also prevents clotting of blood?

Usually most dairy products are full of calcium so I would grab onto a glass of milk each day. Swiss cheese, eggs etc. too are awesome sources especially when combined together. So next time you whip up an omelette add some cheese to it.

Vitamin D

This is actually the only nutrient that your body can generate by itself and is done in the form of a hormone which is produced by processing sunlight. It too keeps our bones safe and also improves cell generation and also lowers chances of cardio diseases.

My favourite sources of vitamin D are tuna and salmon since I love fish but you can either have a glass of fortified milk daily or some fresh orange juice if you’re not fish fan.


This may not turn you into ironman but it certainly help you get stronger and even build muscles. Lack of iron is often the cause for memory loss, muscle loss and even tiredness.

I switched to cashews and apricot for my evening snacks to get my daily iron boost. Even broccoli, lentils etc. are awesome sources of iron.

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