5 Carbon Fiber facts nobody talks about

13 Apr

Whether you’re an expert or a newbie searching for cycle buying guides online I sure you’re aware that almost all would recommend you get a carbon fiber frame bike and for very good reasons too.

These bikes are usually light weight, stronger and come with designs hard to manufacture with other available metals but like its benefits many are its mysteries too. So here are 5 secrets about this universally accepted metal that nobody talks about. Kestrel talon is probably the best low-budget carbon fibre frame road bike you can get.

Not all frames come from Asia

Yes while most of these frames are prepared in countries such as China etc. and raw carbon fiber is generally imported from Asia, European countries like US, France, Italy etc. are also major players in the manufacturing industry.

Though mostly considered an aerospace material it’s simpler to work with and thus smaller manufacturers no longer have to rely on finished products of bigger companies like Dedacciai etc. Companies like Craig Calfee, Nick Crumpton etc. are known to manufacture their own frames.

It’s all handmade

Unlike steel and titanium frames carbon fiber frames need quite a lot of manual work irrespective of whether it is built by smaller manufacturers or the bigger players in the market.

Setting up the frame into the mold is still a manual process though in bigger factories the division of work makes it’s simpler. Even the paint, clean up etc. requires a manual check to make sure no wrinkles, spots etc. are present.

manufacturing process

Bike manufacturers don’t decide the grade

Have you ever seen the bike company claim the frame to be high modulus or ultra-high modulus? Well guess what, the grade is not theirs to decide. Grade of the carbon fiber depends on the material’s rigidity and is usually decided by the JCMA.

Cheaper bicycle frames usually are graded as standard or intermediate modulus while the above mentioned grades are used for the slightly expensive frames though more companies have lately started their own grading systems.

It’s not the only material used

Though bike frames are generally known to be carbon fiber frames it isn’t the only material used in the making and that’s because in its natural state carbon fiber is actually brittle and very vulnerable to cracks and dents. To make it stiff it’s combined with glue like material known as epoxy resin.

This material holds the carbon together making the frame tougher and more durable and thus keeping your bike safe from unwanted scratches, cracks and dents.

It’s repairable

One myth surrounding carbon fiber frames is that unlike its counterparts carbon fiber once damaged is ruined but the truth is it’s most often repairable. Though for the repair work I would suggest you visit an expert.

Avoid trying to repair it on your own. Manufacturers usually have their own in house repairing and since it is a complicated process I would recommend you get in touch with experts.

Here’s an insight into Trek’s carbon fiber frame manufacturing process

5 Workout Mistakes that Beginners Make but You Don’t Have to!

1 Dec

So why have you decided to pay the high gym fees finally? My guess is to lose weight and gain some muscles? Well your intentions are good but there is a good chance you are making few mistakes messing your entire workout routine and muscle gain plans especially if you are new to the gym.

Wondering what you could be doing wrong? Well here are a few mistakes I made initially that you must avoid.

Beginner’s Skip their Workouts!

Did someone tell you this was going to be easy? I hope not because trust me it is not. Yes the initial week will be tough in fact very tough and might actually lead to you skipping out on your gym days more often than not.

Now while it does not seem a huge deal it really is and only makes getting back to it even harder. It only pushes you back so stop missing out on them and get moving.

Beginner’s do not workout with a full range of motion

When you do a specific workout the goal is to engage every muscle fiber there is and if you actually manage that then you ensure maximum muscle growth. This not easy and requires proper technique and practice.

Make sure you engage ever possible muscle fiber is every rep of perform. This will ensure there is greater metabolic pressure on the muscles and more micro tears which in turn improves muscle growth. I would argue that rowing is a great way to get a Concept2 Model D, it can be a little expensive but it’s absolutely worth it’s price.

They Do Not eat Enough Proteins

Ever gave a thought as what makes your muscles? If not it is water and yes you guessed it right proteins so if you are not eating sufficient proteins daily well then there is no chance your muscles will get better and bigger.

So how much protein is good? My suggestion would be your take 1g for every pound. For your protein intake eat more of foods such chicken, fish and yes eggs.

They do Not stick to a Single Workout Routine

While change is good and yes keeps things interesting your workout routine is not something you should be changing too often. Your effectiveness of your workout routine depends on your consistency.

So make sure you not mixing it up too much. Yes you need to increase weights, workout longer but that all needs to happen gradually and should be part of a long term process.

They don’t Life Heavy!


While changing your workout routine too much is bad not changing it at all may just lead you into a rut which too is equally bad. Your workout routines have to be intense only then will you be making the most of it.

Do not try to make up for your low intensity workout by increasing the number of reps or sets it hardly works. Maintain a proper intensity and then slowly add on some more volume to your routine.

3 Easy Steps to a Leaner, Stronger You!

25 Nov

Healthy habits are a lifestyle which kind of does take a huge hit each time our schedule becomes a little busier. Nor do we find enough time to go the gym and when it comes to food we just want to grab on to anything we can find most often unhealthy fast foods.  Losing weight even when not going to the gym is not easy but not impossible either and here are a few tip to help you with it.

Now however odd and strange as this might seem research has shown that having blue colour dishes make feel less hungry which in turn actually helps with weight loss. Blue colour has been known as a hunger suppressant. Wonder why?

This is because of the lack of contrast when compared to some of the food colours. So throw away your white plates and get some blue coloured plates and dishes for your dinner tomorrow.

Stop Skipping Snacks

Thinking of leaving out snack time today to lose weight faster?

Well that might not be a very good idea since it make reduce your metabolism functioning. Avoid giving up meals and then ending up eating a bucket load at dinner.

This will only lead to health issues such as rise in blood sugar levels etc. Eat less and eat 4-5 times a day and stop skipping out on your meals especially your breakfast.

Stock up on the Healthy Stuff!

The next time you are at the grocery store do not just run and grab onto everything you love and get out instead first and foremost just go around the store and check out what all is available. This will also give you a clear idea of what is where.

Apart from that it will also help you resist the temptation to run off and get your favourite chips or cookies etc. and rather fill up your basket with some healthy nutritious foods.


No I do not mean you fill it up with cold drinks and everything you probably have been advised to keep out rather stock up your fridge with some fresh fruits and green veggies for your daily salad. Keep your freezer stocked up with berries other stuff like chicken, fish etc. if you are not a vegan.

Healthy food won’t always blow out your budget as long as you are smart plus when you have healthy food right inside your house why even go out right?

Have 30 grams of Protein in 30 Minutes of Waking up!

The concept that’s been popularised by Tim ferris’ four hour body. It works like charm!

I probably cannot stress this enough but if you have been leaving out breakfast and thinking you can stuff up later at night well then you have only yourself to blame for 2 pounds you have gained this month.

Switch to protein rich diet. Your breakfast does not have any kind of impact on your lunch or breakfast so leaving it out makes no sense at all.


How to Prep for Competitive Running

19 Nov

When I ran my first race it was horrible. Not only was I very slow but once the race ended I had so much pain that I almost decided to give it up but yes once the pain subsided  I realized I was only over reacting and that with little changes to my running technique not only will I get faster but also better. Are you too looking for the same thing? Here are some tips that helped me out.

Practice and more practice

Now whether you are running, or playing baseball or even cooking what you need to do in order to get better is practice it more often. For running what you need to practice is obvious. It is your from and technique.

Form matters the most since it is was keeps away injuries and helps you run better. Make sure your feet are parallel and you are not lifting your arms too high. Key is to run right even if you have to initially run slow.

Run barefoot

I an age where running shoes just get better and better and more technologically advanced this might seem like a crazy idea but trust me it helps. It worked for me and to believe the only way is to actually try it.


Running barefoot actually will help you run faster and while you might be worried about your feet they actually land quite softly on the ground plus you do not always have to run barefoot. Just do it once or twice a week. However, I’d recommend you a pair of Asic’s Gel Noosa Tri Series for your daily runs.

Move forward with your center

Do you know where your center of gravity lies? It is around your lower abdominal just a couple of inches down the navel. Now to run faster you need to push your center ahead and let the remainder of the body go with it.

Make sure the remainder of the body is always behind it. This is a much better and efficient way of running forward rather than pushing your chest out and leaving forward.

Extend your step at the back

To run fast what we often do is increase our stride forward but have you ever tried increasing it at the back? Well actually that is the right way to do it because when you do it forward you actually only slow down.

This may not sound very simple but it actually is. Push the ground backwards with more intensity and give your body a forward boost.

Run on the hills


To improve you have to challenge yourself and if you have ever run on a hill then you know how tough that actually is and on the hill you will find it very hard step ahead of your center which in turn will help you better your technique. However, make sure you have the right pair of shoes for trail running. Apart from that running on hills will make running on roads ever so easier.

The Vegetarian’s Guide to Protein Rich Foods

19 Nov

When we talk about proteins to support our workout routines the first thing the jump to each one’s mind are eggs. I am sure even your trainers have probably advised you to eat hard boiled eggs daily.

Now yes egg works well and unlike a lot of things tastes good but then how long can we be eating only eggs right? Sooner or later it can get really boring. So what else can you eat for your daily protein intake? Here are a few things that worked for me.

Greek yogurt


After eggs something else that is power house of proteins is Greek Yogurt and yes you will love to eat this. You probably may not know this but a serving of Greek yogurt contains around 20 grams of proteins.

Make sure your Greek yogurt is fat free. Add a couple of fruits you love to it and some mason jars or maybe stir up a yogurt shake and you are good to go.

Cheese snacks


Now you can be 25 years old or going to be a grandpa there is nothing better than biting into a cheese filled snack with the cheese oozing out isn’t it? The best thing about cheese it that not only is it protein packed but will also help you stay full.

Don’t have time to make cheese sandwich? Just grab onto some cheese packs since these are easy to carry and one pack contains about 8-10 grams of proteins.

Roasted pumpkin seed mix

pumpkin seeds

When it comes to nuts we often do not consider them for our daily snacks but one nut you will find hard to love is pumpkin seeds. Wondering why? Well because each serving of pumpkin seed contains around 5-6 grams of proteins.

Are you still not sure about it? Throw in some raisins, some roasted coconuts and some almonds to make it taste even better. It is one of the easiest on the go snacks you can have and can stay fresh for weeks.



Are you unable to figure out a healthy easy to make protein packed breakfast? Well the answer is probably in one your kitchen shelfs labelled oatmeal. Every serving of oatmeal provides you with at least 5-6 grams of proteins.

Want a higher protein dose today? Just add some Greek yogurt to it and top it all with some fruits and nuts and you have the perfect protein breakfast for the day.

Chocolate milk

chocolate milk

Just not in the mood to eat today? Then I would suggest you grab a glass of chocolate milk today? Just make sure you use low fat milk to make your chocolate drink to avoid the unwanted calorie intake. This shake contains about 8-10 grams of protein.  A protein packed chocolate drink now it hardly gets any tastier than this.


5 Small Diet Addons for a Big Impact

19 Nov

Yes you have been spending a lot of time at the gym doing the best you can to burn fat and gain muscles and also maintain the best diet but what if I told you adding certain foods to your diet can take your results up a notch and help you reach your goals quicker and the good news here is that it is all vegan. So here are 5 foods you need to add to your diet today itself.


Did you know that the grapefruit you have been leaving out all this while actually supports weight loss? Not only are grapefruits low in calories they also provide other benefits such maintaining your blood sugar levels etc.

Not in the mood eat grapefruit for breakfast today? How about just grab onto a glass of grapefruit juice today. Add a grapefruit or its juice to your diet today and see your weight loss results spike up.

Coconut oil

When it comes to weight loss or muscle gain we pretty much chalk out almost all oil related stuff there is but believe it or not coconut oil actually helps with weight loss. Not that I would advise you a whole lot of it but in the right amounts it definitely does help.

This is because coconut oil has the ability to increase your good cholesterol level due to the presence of lauric acid in it. Apart from that it also keeps away infections and lower cancer risk.

Green Tea

This is probably one drink you have come across more often or not and guess what it is sort of a weight loss trend these days. Yes green tea has its benefits and yes it also burns fat but do start drinking it every hour.

Green tea too like grapefruit helps you maintain the right sugar levels in the body and since it helps with better fat burning you also stay energised for the rest of the day.



Ginger is probably not something that we relate a lot to when talking about weight loss and muscle gain but that is only because most of do not know beneficial it actually is. Not only does it lower bad cholesterol in the body it also lower the risk of a heart problems.

It also reduces glucose levels which ideal for diabetics but no ginger is not a replacement for your meds so avoid. Another reason you will love ginger is because it lowers soreness and muscle ache you feel after working out.



Want to better your salads? Adding some quinoa to it is exactly what you need to do. Quinoa is packed with manganese, folate, phosphorus, fiber and magnesium and best of all it is gluten free.

Magnesium in quinoa will lower cramps and pain.

Cook it right and more importantly pronounce it right and you will have a power packed breakfast.

5 Nutrients We Love (And You Should, Too!)

19 Nov

According to reports by SAD (Standard American Diet) people in America over the years have switched from healthy home cooked foods to unhealthy fast foods that contain loads of processed carbs and refined sugars.

This has led to a lot of health issues that are mainly caused due to lack of certain nutrients in the body. Making these nutrients a part of your diet will improve your overall health, digestion, your workout results etc. So here is what you are missing out on and its best sources.


Wondering what nutrient keeps your heart beating? Well yes it is potassium. Not only this it also will lower your BP and reduce the chances of you ending up with osteoporosis. It also is great to fight of diabetes and other heart related issues.

Lack of potassium is often the cause for muscle cramps, tiredness and constipation. For my daily dose of potassium I prefer bananas. Other good sources are baked potatoes with skin and also spinach.


Did you know there are 2 types of fibers? Soluble and insoluble and both play different roles in the body. Soluble fiber can help your body fight of heart related issues. It also keeps your arteries up and running and is ideal for diabetics. Its best sources are oats, lentils, beans etc.11 Sep 2007, Garnerville, New York, USA --- Assortment of High Fiber Foods --- Image by © Envision/Corbis

For insoluble fiber which actually eases your digestive system I would suggest you consume more of brown rice, legumes, whole wheat products etc.



This is one nutrient that needs no introduction. We all know calcium has a direct connection with the health of our bones but did you know it also helps with nerve transmissions and also prevents clotting of blood?

Usually most dairy products are full of calcium so I would grab onto a glass of milk each day. Swiss cheese, eggs etc. too are awesome sources especially when combined together. So next time you whip up an omelette add some cheese to it.

Vitamin D

This is actually the only nutrient that your body can generate by itself and is done in the form of a hormone which is produced by processing sunlight. It too keeps our bones safe and also improves cell generation and also lowers chances of cardio diseases.

My favourite sources of vitamin D are tuna and salmon since I love fish but you can either have a glass of fortified milk daily or some fresh orange juice if you’re not fish fan.


This may not turn you into ironman but it certainly help you get stronger and even build muscles. Lack of iron is often the cause for memory loss, muscle loss and even tiredness.

I switched to cashews and apricot for my evening snacks to get my daily iron boost. Even broccoli, lentils etc. are awesome sources of iron.